Danny McCaw (b.1978) lives and woks in his native Torrance, California

He traces his artistic career back as far as he can remember.  From the beginning his life has been immersed in the arts. Every one around him was creative and instilled a love for drawing, painting, writing and photography.  He would later join his father and brother in the studio, picking up other lessons that would influence his art making.


McCaw earned his high school diploma in (1996) at that time he won a grant for his artistic performance, after which his increasing dedication to painting and drawing led him to abandon his university education. In his early work, he was often influenced by classic, traditional and modern art.  McCaw creates a ebb and flow between reality and abstraction he often merges, combines, and layers all these forms of art to build rhythmic compositions.  Soon, McCaw cast a wider net from his influences to the materials, using sanders, floor scrapers, tar, wax, and anything lying around his studio- materials expanded his “palette” but still remains rooted to those early influences.